Canada 150 Lecture Series | Vimy Ridge: The Battle and the Myth

Waterloo Public Library - Main Library
Wednesday, Oct 4, 2017 at 7:00 PM EDT 

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The University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University are hosting a three-part lecture series for Canada 150, in partnership with the Waterloo Public Library and The City of Waterloo. As we recognize and celebrate 150 years of Confederation, this lecture series explores significant periods of Canadian history and their influence on Canada today. 

This lecture includes the following talks:

Vimy Ridge: The Battle and the Myth | Historian Professor Mark Humphries will talk about what happened during the famous battle, how it fit into the larger picture of military operations in 1917, and why Canadians have come to see it as the beginning of our national identity.
Why Vimy? And Why Now? | Historian Professor Mary Chaktsiris will discuss why Canada's First World War memorial was built on Vimy Ridge and share some of the stories behind its development. She will also explore contemporary commemorations of the battle to uncover what they can tell us about the Canada of today.

Remembering and Forgetting the Great War | Professor of English Carol Acton will discuss how the male body is at the centre of war commemoration yet excludes physical and psychological war injury. She will then compare representations of injury in women’s fiction and memoir against public images.
Re-inscribing Vimy 
Art historian Professor Joan Coutu will explore memory and permanence by looking at how the Vimy memorial has faded and re-entered Canadian consciousness since World War II.
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Professor Mark Humphries
Wilfrid Laurier
Associate Professor
Professor Mary Chaktsiris
Wilfrid Laurier
Assistant Professor
Professor Joan Coutu
University of Waterloo
Associate Professor, Fine Arts
Professor Carol Acton
St. Jerome's University and University of Waterloo
Associate Professor, English


Waterloo Public Library - Main Library
35 Albert Street Waterloo, ON N2L 5E2 CA


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