Games and Simulations in the Classroom

University of Waterloo - DC Fishbowl (DC 1301)
Jan 28, 2019 12:00 PM (EST) 

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Tripping the Light Fantastic: How to Build Gameworlds Using Simulacra and Domains
Session Host: David Chandross, Ph.D., Ryerson University

In this workshop, participants will learn how to build “life-paths” into simulations within a full-semester gameworld. Gameworlds are simulated spaces with a narrative and thematic structure that immerse a student in experiential learning. Titrated challenge progression is gamified with significant achievement tracking in the form of quest lines and content unlocks. Simulacra are short simulations which lead the student into learning domains. Evaluation is linked to game progression and user generated content assessment along with group performance objective tracking. We will describe how to build these in three applications, analog, LMS, and digitally-coded formats with cost, quality and time triangulation. The workshop will feature game elements such as forced pace timers and burst hackathons to provide you with some practical experience in creating your own gameworld for full course conversions to game systems, including integration with VR and other immersive technology.

This Community of Practice focuses on the use of games and simulations, which are a great way to bring experiential learning into the classroom. They can be used to motivate the course material and to make learning fun. If you are thinking about using them in your class, or are simply curious about how other instructors use them in their class, please join us!

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About the Games and Simuations in the Classroom Community of Practice

As an instructor, it’s not always obvious how we can bring experiential learning into our classroom, particularly in the case of more technical courses.  Classroom games and simulations are one way to achieve this, making classes more engaging for our students.  Games and simulations can be a great way to motivate the course material and to make learning fun.  They can help students develop their curiousity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.  Through games and simulations, students are better able to understand the relevance of the material and to engage with it.

The focus of this community of practice will be to share examples, experiences, ideas, and best practices in and around the use of games and simulations in the classroom.  The goal is to bring together instructors who either have used games and simulations in the classroom, would like to use them, or are simply curious about how they could use them to enhance the classroom experience of students.  By seeing how other instructors have used games and simulations in their classroom, and discussing what has worked and not worked in different settings, instructors will be better able to use games and simulations in their own classes.


Joel Blit
Department of Economics
Assistant Professor
David Chandross
Ryerson University
Professor of Education


University of Waterloo - DC Fishbowl (DC 1301)
200 University Avenue West Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1 CA


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