SPECIAL EVENT: Encountering the Mystical Imagination

St. Jerome's University
Friday, Mar 6, 2020 at 7:30 PM EST 

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Bring your brain to church!

In a previous age, thinking the faith was the job of church leaders. That time has passed. The  Church will not survive except as an educated community. I have always thought that the unofficial motto of St. Jerome’s University was, “Bring your faith to school, and bring  your brain to church.” Just as the university is enriched by the spiritual and moral values of  faith, the church is best served by followers who develop a mature and deep conversation between faith and reason–as Pope Benedict has encouraged. In that spirit, we invite you this  year to bring your faith to these lectures and to bring what you learn here to your community.   It promises to be an exciting year!

David Seljak, PhD
Professor of Religious Studies
Coordinator, Lectures in Catholic Experience

Please register in advance to assist us with hospitality planning and to ensure that we can contact you in the event of an unexpected event cancellation. You will not be required to show your ticket at the door. 

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October 18, 2019 - Gender: But that is what the church has always taught! - Myroslaw Tataryn
November 15, 2019 - The Paradox of Pleasure: Jean Vanier and the Growth of L'Arche - Carolyn Whitney-Brown
January 24, 2020 - You've Come A Long Way Baby! Or Have You? - Sheila Ager
February 14, 2020 - The God Beat: Writing about Religion in the 21st Century - Michael Enright
April 17,  2020 - Religion and Nationalism Refuse to Die: So Now What? - David Seljak



March 6, 2020 - Encountering the Mystical Imagination - Norm Klassen, Chad Wriglesworth

In Fall 2017, Drs. Klassen and Wriglesworth took a class of 14 undergraduate students on a tour of the mystical imagination as expressed in literature, theology, and the visual arts. Their intent was to show what it means, for many writers, artists, and thinkers in the Christian tradition and elsewhere, to say that all of reality participates in the larger mystery of God. In 2018 their efforts were recognized when they were awarded the University of Waterloo's Federation of Students Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, and Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance's Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance Award for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence.

In response to that previous class’s excellent suggestion, Klassen and Wriglesworth are now adding notable architecture, sculpture, and experiential learning to the course, and will be teaching the class abroad in Rome in May 2020. They join us on March 6th as a special addition to the Lectures in Catholic Experience series to introduce the mystical imagination through a contemporary American poet’s reflections on his bright abyss; an Australian Catholic writer’s discovery of his Aboriginal roots; and the affirmation of language, mystery, and reason reflected in the Jewish and Christian traditions alike. We hope that you will join us!



Myroslaw Tataryn
Gender - October 18, 2019
Professor Emeritus, St. Jerome's University
Carolyn Whitney-Brown
The Paradox of Pleasure - November 15, 2019
Author, Sharing Life: Stories of L'Arche Founders
Sheila Ager
You've Come A Long Way Baby! - January 24, 2020
Faculty of Arts, University of Waterloo
Michael Enright
The God Beat - February 14, 2020
Host, The Sunday Edition, CBC Radio
David Seljak
Religion and Nationalism - April 17, 2020
Professor of Religious Studies, St. Jerome's University
Chad Wriglesworth
SPECIAL EVENT: Encountering the Mystical Imagination - March 6, 2020
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of English, St. Jerome's University
Norm Klassen
SPECIAL EVENT: Encountering the Mystical Imagination - March 6, 2020
Associate Professor, Department of English/Acting Chair, Department of Religious Studies, St. Jerome's University


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Mystical Imagination - March 6

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