Healing Space for Muslim Campus Community Members

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Wednesday, Jun 23, 2021 at 10:00 AM  - 12:00 PM EDT 

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Healing Space for Muslim Campus Community Members and Those Impacted by Islamophobia

University of Waterloo students, faculty and staff from the Muslim community as well as those that have been impacted by Islamophobia are invited to attend a virtual healing space led by the Coalition of Muslim Women of KW.
We know that Islamophobia impacts Muslims as well as those who can be perceived as Muslims, particularly racialized individuals.
Islamophobia is prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims that leads to exclusion, discrimination, and in extreme cases, acts of violence against Muslims, or those perceived to be Muslims (Runnymede Trust, 1997)
This will be an open space led by culturally sensitive facilitators to share feelings, concerns, and emotions related to the recent hate crime committed in London, Ontario and for the ongoing hate crimes that continue to permeate the region and the province.

Please stay tuned for the full itinerary 
If you have any questions please contact Janessa Good, events and engagement coordinator, Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion


Aurra Aubrey Startup
University of Waterloo
Madiha Syed
Spoken Word Artist
Fauzia Mazhar
Coalition of Muslim Women of KW
Engin Sezen
Muslim Social Services Waterloo


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