Building the Future Manufacturing Workforce: attracting, retaining & funding coop talent

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Wednesday, Nov 3, 2021 at 12:00 PM  - 2:00 PM EDT 
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Have you struggled to find innovative, reliable talent? Are you unsure how students could be leveraged in your organization? Do you need help accessing funding to support your hires? 

Building the Future Manufacturing Workforce” is geared towards helping the manufacturing industry navigate hiring and leveraging co-op students from the lab to the line and office. 

During this event, you'll hear from a panel of manufacturing organizations about how to create a co-op program across your organization. You'll also learn the current state of the industry, the importance of creating meaningful work opportunities, how to attract talent and current opportunities to engage and build a talent pipeline. 


Following the main presentations, breakout sessions will be offered to attendees. These sessions will focus on: 

  • Access funding opportunities to help cover up to $7,500 in student wages during work terms. 

  • Expanding hiring to explore the value of Arts students.

Supported by:

Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing 

The Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising public and investor awareness of Ontario's advanced manufacturing ecosystem.


Davinder Kaur
Supply Chain Human Resource Associate
Pepsi Co.
Jeffrey Liaw
General Manager
Martinerae Alfield, Martinerae International
Shannon Miller
Program Officer
Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing
Brandon Sweeney
Managing Director
Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing
Darrin Wiegard
Plant Engineer
Nahanni Steel Products


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