Lectures in Catholic Experience - Fr. Toby Collins, CR

St. Jerome's University - Notre Dame Chapel, SJ1 Classrooms & Library Building
Thursday, Jan 26, 2023 at 7:30 PM EST 
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Event Details

We are pleased to continue the  40th Anniversary Lectures in Catholic Experience 2022-2023  series in our Notre Dame Chapel located on campus in our SJ1 building, while offering a live stream option for those unable to attend. Thank you for registering your participation using the ticket form provided to assist us with our planning. 

The lecture will begin at 7:30 p.m. and doors will open at 6:45 p.m.

Tickets ARE NOT REQUIRED to view the live stream YouTube version of this presentation that will appear in a link on the event page on the evening of the lecture. 


However tiny it may seem, Fr. Toby believes the presence of God is in each and every one of us. To discover it one must be willing to encounter the poor, less fortunate, oppressed, marginalized, and suffering. After reacting to the tragic stories, unpleasant smells, graphic visuals, interesting sounds, and unpredictable behaviors of the homeless population in downtown Kitchener Fr. Toby can now speak about being much richer for it.  Even inspired by it!  He wants others to have the opportunity to be rich in this way and will attempt to demonstrate how this can happen if we all work together to break down walls that keep us from encountering people we would rather not engage.  A desire to change and the action that follows could not only make us rich in new ways but help us discover a lasting experience of joy that may never go away. 

The Tiny Home Takeout and the tiny homes at A Better Tent City will be looked at specifically as modern vehicles for rediscovering the tiny presence of love in the other.  Fr. Toby will unpack the effects of these programs on those experiencing poverty and isolation without neglecting to spend time on the accidental transformation experienced by volunteers and employees alike. On a roller-coaster of stories that might shake loose some of our reluctance to encounter the less fortunate, Fr. Toby hopes "we might also get more in touch with our humanity as our vulnerabilities, tears, screams, laugher, and desire for more thrills emerge.  After all this is God’s love at work, always looking for new ways to bring us all to life." 

Hang on tight!  It’s going to be a fun ride!

Special Guest: Marion Thomson Howell will be joining Fr. Toby to present information about A Better Tent City. Thomson Howell is currently the Chair of the Board of Trustees for St. Mary's General Hospital in Kitchener and the founding director for A Better Tent City, Waterloo Region.


Do I need to bring  a ticket?

Although our ticketing system will issue you a ticket for your participation, you will not be required to show your ticket in order to attend the lecture. Your registration helps our event support staff to arrange for the reception food service and to anticipate seating requirements. We appreciate your registration in advance of each lecture.


Fr. Toby Collins, CR
St. Mary's Church


St. Jerome's University - Notre Dame Chapel, SJ1 Classrooms & Library Building
290 Westmount Road North Waterloo, ON N2L 3G3 CA


Fr. Toby Collins, CR - Jan. 26th

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